Mortgage loan up to PLN 6 million

Mortgage loan up to PLN 6 million

If you are thinking about buying a flat or building a house, you will definitely be interested in the new mortgage offer of Credit Hallow. Money for a new home – Mortgage loan and Money for any purpose – Mortgage loan.

Credit Hallow is promoting a new offer of mortgage products, prepared for people wanting to buy a finished house or flat, as well as those thinking about implementing additional plans. The maximum loan amount under the mortgage loan at Credit Hallow may reach up to PLN 6,000,000.

The offer of Credit Hallow mortgage products is basically two different offers. The first is Money for a new home – Mortgage loan. It is addressed to people who want to buy a finished house or flat. The second offer is Money for any purpose – Mortgage loan. This offer has been prepared for people who already have an apartment, but they need extra cash to implement additional plans.

Mortgage loan up to PLN 6 million

Mortgage loan up to PLN 6 million

What is a mortgage, most of my readers know about it. If, however, your knowledge is poor in this respect, you can always seek more information in the material that from a to z has been devoted to this issue and to which I warmly encourage you to read.

The mortgage loan offer also has a Credit Hallow bank and has a fairly wide offer to offer in this respect. This proposal may be of particular interest to those who are thinking of financing very expensive and expensive real estate. The maximum amount of credit that Citi is able to offer is up to PLN 6,000,000. The bank may finance the purchase of up to 80% of the property value. Additionally, we can also count on the help of an adviser in completing all formalities related to obtaining such a loan. The actual Annual Interest Rate under this offer is 3.84% and the maximum loan repayment period is 30 years (360 months).

What can mortgage be used for? It may be the purchase of real estate on the primary and secondary market. Therefore, the loan can be used to purchase a flat that is completely new from the developer as well as the flat used by the private person. Of course, the same applies to homes. The loan can be used both for the purchase of a plot of land and for financing the construction of a house from scratch to a turnkey condition, and we can also use it to buy a ready-made house from the secondary market.

However, this is not the only mortgage loan option. The purpose of lending may also be renovation or finishing of real estate, purchase of real estate through auctions or auctions or transformation of a cooperative, tenant right to a flat into a cooperative ownership right to a flat or to the right of a separate property.

Money for any purpose – Mortgage loan

Money for any purpose - Mortgage loan

This is the second of the mortgage product offers mentioned earlier, which can be found in the Credit Hallow offer. This offer is directed only to those people who already have a house or flat, but they need extra money to implement their plans. The Mortgage Loan can be used for any consumer purpose
not related to running a business. This means that under the loan, we can get a very large amount of credit (up to 2 million zlotys, up to 70% of the value of the property) and allocate it for any purpose, including the repayment of other loans or credits. The actual Annual Interest Rate in Citi is 5.09% and the maximum repayment period is 20 years (up to 240 months).