Personal loans for atypical workers

Personal loans for atypical workers


In this article we will discuss a somewhat particular topic, namely loans for so-called atypical workers, who generally can not offer the common guarantees required by Banks and Credit Institutions. This is a category of people who are often disadvantaged, due to the less ‘conventional’ nature of the professions carried out, and which, therefore, is often excluded from the most convenient loans, ie those with lower costs and a fixed rate of interest.

Let’s take a step back: who are the atypical workers? These are all those workers hired with ‘anomalous’ contracts, that is to say different from employees with fixed-term or permanent contracts, but also from freelancers: within the group, therefore, the temporary workers, project workers or occasional and consultants with a VAT number, figures with the temporary nature of the services offered.

Atypical workers, with the passing of the years and with the increase of these types of contracts, have grown a lot in number, but still struggling to be recognized by the Banks that, regardless of the real economic situation of the individual, tend to offer less favorable conditions and to request a greater amount of guarantees, and in some cases also the presence of a third signer.

Atypical workers: how to get a loan?

Atypical workers: how to get a loan?

This picture, a little dark, however, should not discourage all those who, for the most disparate reasons, need a personal loan: the possibilities of obtaining funding, in fact, exist, as well as those of being able to ‘snatch’ more favorable, balancing the absence of a continuity of work with other guarantees that allow to understand the reliability as payers.

Of course, those who hold documents attesting to a certain income stability are largely advantaged: invoices, statements of account and proven payments, which are repeated for a good number of years, are excellent tools to be shown in the contract.

Unfortunately, not all of them are in possession of similar guarantees, and this applies mainly to young people who have recently entered the world of work – and therefore do not have adequate work continuity – or for those who alternate periods of employment and unemployment: in these cases, the best move is to involve a relative or family member, who is committed to repay the sum, if the client is unable to do so.

In the absence of a third person acting as guarantor, a further possibility resides in alternative sources of income, such as rents or income, or in the possession of goods of a certain value.

Finally, those who in the past have already applied for funding, and repaid their debt in a timely manner, are more likely to obtain a second, by virtue of their ‘good reputation’ on a financial level.

Loans for atypical workers: two examples

Wanting to go into detail, here are two loans that can be currently requested, with a certain ease, even by those who fall into the category of atypical workers:

  • Superflash Yobank → A loan designed specifically for young people between 18 and 35, which allows a figure that varies from a minimum of € 2,000 to a maximum of 30,000 euro. To request it, you do not need a fixed-term or permanent contract, but it is enough to be employed at the time of application and have worked for a period of at least 18 months in the last 2 years. The advantages of the Superflash service? The speed, as the amount, once accepted the request, is paid in a few days with credit on the current account, the possibility of postponing one or more installments and the fixed interest rate.
  • Rataweb di Ultranix → An extremely flexible loan, which offers those who do not have a permanent job of postponing from one to three installments, without additional costs, and also to model the installment plan according to their needs, modifying during it works its duration and the amount of the single installments. The service can also be requested online, and allows you to get an amount between 2,750 euros and 30,000 euros, with a fixed interest rate.

Alternatives to personal loans

Alternatives to personal loans

Let us not forget that, for those who are in a particularly disadvantaged employment and economic situation, an alternative to personal loans lies in the so-called subsidized loans or in those funds aimed at promoting youth employment.

Accessing these services is not easy, since, in most cases, it is necessary to fill in and show a valid company project to win the tender, especially if it involves state, European or local funds.

However, if the amount you need to start a business, a cultural or non-profit association, always consider this possibility, which would allow you not to repay some of the money, to obtain much more favorable conditions and repay the debt in a longer period of time.


With the proliferation of project contracts, consultancy and occasional services, the number of atypical workers has literally multiplied, leaving in fact a large part of the population excluded from innumerable banking services, or at least from those with the most favorable.

Today, however, the banking world has opened up to this new, vast, category of workers, creating ad hoc products, designed to meet the needs of all those who do not have a job, and therefore an income, fixed, and that they can not provide further guarantees, nor involve family or friends.

In addition to the two examples that we have mentioned, in fact, there are many other loans for atypical workers, characterized by the flexibility of the installment plan and the ability to manage, even during work, the amount of monthly payments, leaving greater serenity to young people looking for a stable job and to all those who work in the field of consultancy or occasional services.

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